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Oats can (and should!) be celebrated in so many recipes beyond oatmeal – from savory, creamy risottos to chewy granola bars and everything in between. Forget about that processed oatmeal of breakfasts past and embrace these five recipes that give hard-working oats the attention and treatment they rightly deserve.

Peas Porridge Hot (Oat Risotto with Peas)

Photo by James Ransom

Recipe: Oat Risotto with Peas

Not just a comforting and savory brunch dish, this risotto-like preparation of oats would be great for dinner paired with some greens, or as a side to chicken or juicy portabella mushrooms. Don’t skip the step of toasting the oats or you’ll miss out on the deep, nutty flavor it brings.

Heavenly Oatmeal Molasses Rolls

Photo by James Ransom

Recipe: Heavenly Oatmeal Molasses Rolls

These supple, rich rolls have just a hint of sweetness to them – they’re chewy, tender and full of deep flavor from the molasses, but versatile enough to complement (rather than overwhelm) a variety of main dishes. We love the ease of the first refrigerator rise, and these are virtually guaranteed to come out looking beautiful, with their butter-slicked and oat-flecked tops.

Oatmeal and Lavender Shortbread

Photo by James Ransom

Recipe: Oatmeal and Lavender Shortbread

These shortbreads are sublime thanks to an almost coconut-ty texture and lovely nuttiness from the oats, plus lavender as a delightful and graceful finishing note. Enjoy them right out of the oven if you want, but they’re even better the next day: a little sturdier for packing and with a deeper flavor.

Cavatelli with Asiago Oat Crumbs

Photo by James Ransom

Recipe: Cavatelli with Asiago Oat Crumbs

This is a cookie dough experiment gone wrong, and we couldn’t be happier for the kitchen disaster. You’ll swear the crumb mixture tastes familiar, and you’ll agree – a dough once destined for cookies is a revelation on pasta.

5 Minute, No Bake Granola Bars

Photo by James Ransom

Recipe: 5 Minute, No Bake Granola Bars

A granola bar you don’t have to bake, with a recipe that won’t tie you down. As the title suggests, these granola bars will take you five minutes from start to finish, tops. Here, oats headline in sweet, salty snack bars, and are balanced with a mix of nuts, dried fruit and nut butter. Add or subtract whatever you want (chocolate chips! sunflower seeds!) for a completely customizable snacking experience.

What are your favorite ways to eat oats, beyond oatmeal? Share your comments below!

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