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Natural vs GMO vs Organic

When we shop, what we purchase is our “vote”. That buy, tells a company we want that product; even though you may not know you have bought an unhealthy product. This is how companies promote their product the most, no matter how good or bad it is; if it’s purchased frequently then it makes them money!

Please Read below and reconsider your purchases:

“Natural” the term by itself generally is conventionally grown. The word “Natural” means it has just become a ‘sale method’ used by the company to make the public think that these products are good for you! Always read the labels, if there are a lot of names and additives you do not understand; like dyes, chemicals or forms of sugar—then it’s not going to be healthy! Sometimes these foods come from GMO seeds or animals treated with drugs or bad feed which they would never tell you! Many companies will feed you anything with the term, “Natural”, to help increase their profits.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) means that the seeds used to grow that food have been changed, the “Genes” or the DNA in the seed, was modified by inserting a gene from another family of organisms or to add a chemical/pesticide. So—who wants DNA from a fish, maybe if you want to grow fins, or perhaps sheep DNA, only if you want to grow wooly hair! What makes this unhealthy for our bodies is that your body, your cells, do not recognize this as food and it confuses the cells. This confusion to our cells can bring about abnormal disease results. For instance, allergies will appear because cells in the immune system mistake the substance as an outsider, it attacks and builds up antibodies against that bad DNA. Or the GMO seed can cause abnormal growth since our cells are pre- programmed and not knowing what else to do with invaders will grow a wall around it as a form of protection. This would be the cells normal behavior but it may start a tumor or a blockage depending on where it is in the body. So I question; do you really think you want to eat this?

Organic is a very popular but misunderstood word. Organic means food grown with no chemicals, no pesticides, no GMO seeds and if its meat, fish or chicken it also includes no hormones and no antibiotics.

Yes, it can be a little more expensive but organic is much safer, it contains more healing power; for it is much more nutritious than natural, conventional or GMO.

Additionally, that means you are not eating empty calories, so actually, your saving money in the process per a European Study in 2008 which found organic fruits and vegetables contain 40% more disease fighting compounds and antioxidants than conventional equivalents. In organic milk the Omega 3’s are 68% higher. Other studies confirm organic grown foods have more Vitamin C, iron and mineral content plus three times a higher quality protein.

All this means is that if it is Organic it’s a higher nutrient content per calorie, per serving and per dollar; besides it‘s tastier, fresher and has more flavor!

Do remember when you read conflicting study results to ask yourself who funded this study and was it a good study! Many of these quote studies are done with questionable parameters and also fudged—I am sure that you realize results need to be in the best interest of the funded company; so what if they are lying to the general public!

Amy Dean, DO, founder of EcoLogical Internal Medicine in Ann Arbor Mich. and President of American Academy of Environmental Medicine says that even though GMO’s have not been studied on humans, its animal studies (closest to our type of body system), shows that they cause changes in the immune system, disrupt fertility and even trigger aggression and anger. She has seen many patients with very similar reactions. Too to many to be just coincidental. Dean recommends avoiding them by eating organic or foods labeled as non-GMO as much as possible.

How to tell if it’s Organic:

General Key Codes at the Supermarkets:

  • Organically grown—code # starts with 9 and has 5 digits
  • Conventional grown—code # starts with 4 and has 4 digits
  • GMO grown—code # starts with 8 and has 5 digits

Local Farmers Markets have started up everywhere. This is the best way to be sure of how your fruits, vegetables and meats were grown, best bargains, most nutritious and the freshest. Here market produce is in most cases, just picked that morning or the day before and are in their highest nutritious state. In comparison to your grocery store which has stored, shipped and packed produce picked many days and weeks ahead, so naturally at much lower nutritious state by the time you buy!

Talk to the farmer himself to find out growing methods many are organic but not certified (due to high cost of certification), and others may be certified organic, but all are superior for health. Supporting your local farmers also helps your local community.

So please start voting where it counts, when you purchase your food!

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